Everybody Paddles Hypothesis

When Everybody Paddles, at the Same Time, in the Same Direction, towards the Same Goal, We All Win!

Mission Statement

We Know Your Value

Share It With The World

Connect With People, Places and Possibilities

Where Everybody Matters

Do Your Part – Think Everybody! 

Vision Statement

We Create Unified Teams and Build Productive Environments


Everybody Paddles is the blueprint for building office teamwork and camaraderie created by management guru Charles A. Archer.


The Everybody Paddles Principles provide an outline for successfully building company consensus and developing effective behavioral dynamics within an organization. Additionally, the principles are important problem-solving tools which provide techniques for solving interpersonal issues within an organization and how to remedy non-productive dysfunctional patterns:

  • Principle One: Unity Stabilizes the Boat

  • Principle Two: Purpose Provides Propulsion

  • Principle Three: The Captain Sets the Course, the Whole Crew Paddles

  • Principle Four: Communicate Clearly to Stay on Course

  • Principle Five: Problem Solving, Course Correction

  • Principle Six: Every Crew Member Matters


With the right metrics in place, teams will translate operational outcomes into business solutions. This team transformation can demonstrate strategic alignment, accelerate change and measure the impact

Drawing on his extensive background as a lawyer and head of a large New York social service agency, Archer has created a movement that has evolved into a premier management model used by organizations and companies in the US and abroad.


Partnerships, Associations, Collaborations and Teamwork (P.A.C.T) are the foundation builders for creating a successful business. Not only are these strategies relevant to the times, each Foundation Builder teaches facilitation skills aimed at helping everyone increase values, services, experience, engagement and feedback.