When a raft full of people is plunging through rapids, it is vital that every oar and every person is actively contributing at every turn. This is the metaphor Charles Archer brought to his new staff when he shifted from co-founder to CEO of a large New York social service agency in 2007. His bold approach helped the team overcome a rocky managerial transition, get everyone in the same boat, and set the course for maintaining a strong, unified team. This cooperative, results-oriented concept has since expanded into the Everybody Paddles Movement. The six key principles that emerged have become a premier management model that is now used by organizations and companies throughout the US and abroad. In his energetic, crowd-pleasing speeches Charles focuses on how any team can use these principles to successfully build company consensus through clear communication, solve problems more effectively, recognize individual needs within the team, and define a common purpose.


~ The six key Everybody Paddles principles: A blueprint for building teamwork and camaraderie.

~ Techniques for solving interpersonal issues within an organization while repairing non-productive, dysfunctional patterns.

~ Facilitation skills aimed at helping a team increase values, services, experience, engagement, and feedback.

~ How to set up optimal metrics and enable teams to translate operational outcomes into business solutions.

Everybody Paddles is a comprehensive blueprint that can help take any team to the next level of organizational development. Whether addressing the CEO of a global company, the Dean of a university, or the head of a nonprofit, Charles provides the personal insight and guidelines all leaders need to strategically align and unify their teams.

“ everybody paddles at the same time, in the same direction, toward the same goal.”

“ The Everybody Paddles movement is an exponential function; its rate of growth accelerates as more people assist others in removing obstacles to success. Charles Archer is on to something. I am honored to have been invited to climb aboard.”

—Peter F. Borish,

Chairman and CEO ofComputer Trading Corporation

Meet Charles

            For over 20 years, Charles Archer has inspired people, teams, and companies to build better consensus through empowerment and effective communication. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Accounting at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania in 1996, Charles continued to pursue his education, earning a Juris Doctor degree from Brooklyn Law School in 2001, and a Masters of Public Administration degree from City University New York in 2011. Charles’s versatile education is reflected in his extensive professional background, including positions as the assistant district attorney in Kings County, New York, the associate executive director for the Interagency Council of Development Disabilities Agencies, and as an adjunct professor at City University New York in the School of Public Affairs. He is currently the co-founder and chief executive officer of the Evelyn Douglin Center for Serving People In Need, Inc. (EDCSPIN) where he and his staff of more than 500 paddle their boat every day to meet the needs of more than 1,000 developmentally delayed individuals and their families. In 2012, Charles first put pen to paper, publishing the Everybody Paddles principles in book format, with a second edition published in 2013, and the third updated edition forthcoming in the autumn of 2014. Charles’s passion for impacting and uplifting others extends outside of his professional life to his volunteer work with PENCIL, Inc., an organization dedicated to improving student achievement by partnering business leaders with public schools. He currently resides in New York City, where he enjoys pushing his limits by running marathons.

Speaking Topics:

~~ Grab a Paddle! —The Six Steps to Workplace Camaraderie

An inspiring presentation of the Everybody Paddles principles, which ensure all team members stay on course and contribute to the crew.

~~ All Hands on Deck—Navigating Workplace Transitions

A deeper look into staying on course and overcoming the difficult workplace transitions that result from management turnover, employee layoffs, or economic crises.

~~ Manning the Diverse Boat

Charles offers techniques for navigating generational, racial, and gender differences in the workplace, while emphasizing the value of every crew member.

Past Speaking Venues:

~~ Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Summit

~~ Division of International Special Education and Services          Conference

~~ American Association on Intellectual and Developmental         Disabilities

~~ Harvard University Kennedy School Driving                            Government Performance Consortium

~~ Metropolitan College of New York

~~ Berkeley College

~~ St. Francis College

~~ Brooklyn Law School


~~ Recipient of the 2012 40 Under Forty Achievement Award from The Network Journal for professionals making a significant impact to their community

~~ Leadership Proclamation from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

~~ Leadership Proclamation from NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

~~ Leadership Citation from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

~~ Leadership Citation from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

~~ Published articles in USA Today, Urban Times, City Limits, and Mental Health News

~~ Serves on the Board of Directors for Advance of Greater New York, The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Charlottesville Surgical Center, Metropolitan College of New York, Lutheran Family Health Centers, Interagency Council of Development Disabilities Agencies, and the Seafarers & International House