A great leader knows when to allow the ones they lead to take the paddle.

Simone Whiteman, Office Manger

Everybody Paddles is an insightful book that is part advice column, part memoir and part strategic framework/ “blueprint”. Charles’ honest and straightforward approach to management provides every reader with something they can relate to both personally and professionally. This is a great tool for you and your staff to achieve optimal results and achieve the unity every leader strives for in their team.

Stephanie Friot, Director of Community Access & Engagement

Is there a need for another book Teambook? Yes, when it has the building blocks to formulate a solid foundation.  Continually and resoundingly the underlings of division and separation permeates families, communities, and organizations.  Charles Archers’ principles and approaches in Everybody Paddles edition two is an invaluable tool in the discussion that cannot only help people and businesses in NYC, but as proven reconnect the interrelatedness of teamwork in us all—nationally and internationally.

CARLO SCISSURA, President and CEO—Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Charles A. Archer, through Everybody Paddles, reminds us that if your oar falls in, use your arms.  If your arms tire, use your legs.  If your legs give out, use your voice and encourage your team.  But by all means, keep the boat moving!

STACY P. DEAN, Ph.D., Partners in Learning

Everybody Paddles speaks to the profound impact of people coming together.  The contributions provided, remind us to be receptive to all opportunities to join together as the outcome isn’t always predetermined.  When we paddle together the outcome is likely greater than the sum of the parts.

SCOTT L. BARKIN, Ph.D., Executive Director—Block Institute

Working Together—Sharing the Dream—Living the Dream Daily.

KODWO ABABIO, Chief Executive Officer—Cititech Solutions, Inc.

Currently this country is experiencing discourse due to lack of unity and empathy for each other.  Everybody Paddles is an inspirational blueprint for what it takes to collectively move this country into a more harmonious and equally prosperous State of Union.  Rather picking a side, pick up the EP Book, grab an oar of love and paddle together together for our country.  Paddle for Our Children?

JAMILA SAMS, Education and Youth Development Consultant, GoToMsSams

Everybody Paddles brings true, impactful, and inspiriting accounts of successes and challenges that have fashioned our businesses and communities.  These principles and conversations will inspire personal growth and triumphs toward greater unification.

DR. TILOKIE DAEPOO, Dean—Metropolitan College of New York