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 Everybody Paddles and The 4 Lenses of Innovation

Everybody Paddles

Charles Archer (Greenleaf Book Group Press, $22.95)

Before you can begin paddling, you have to get people into the boat. Author Charles Archer begins that process by posing two questions: “What separates us?” and “What brings us together?”

We’re all different, but there’s a common thread: No one succeeds alone.

A results-focused captain puts employees in places where their strengths complement those of co-workers. When employees recognize that the crew’s resources are organized and tasks are well-defined, trust in leadership follows.

Sharing the vision and obtaining employee input gets people into the boat, too.

The captain must always operate in three modes — messaging, listening and linking. The job requires transparency. And given that the captain’s tasks include monitoring progress and removing obstacles, communication is essential.

Recognition keeps employees paddling, too. If a captain provides it on a regular basis, the paddlers know the captain values their contributions.

The 4 Lenses of Innovation

Rowan Gibson (John Wiley & Sons, $35)

Innovators are the world’s noticers, and they ask lots of questions. The answers are found when filtered through four lenses:

Challenging orthodoxies: Too often we hear “that’s the way things are done around here.” Only change gets people thinking.

Harnessing trends: Two questions to constantly ask: “What will be the tsunami in our industry?” and “How can we make sure we ride the wave instead of being washed away by it?

Leveraging resources: Gibson redefines the 3 R’s as repurpose, redeploy and recombine, and he recommends developing an elastic view of your company. Its most valuable assets are what it knows and what it owns.

Understanding needs: In these days of big data and analytics, companies ask customers lots of questions. Innovators ask about “unsolved problems, unmet needs and wants.”

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