Proceeds from all tee sales with go to the Eric Garner family.


 I have thought a lot this week about the televised and un-televised injustices of society. I have been moved by all the voices, marchers, advocates and liberators. Thank You All!
 That said, I have equally been frustrated with those who point fingers when people have not taken action according to their standard. We must all take action; however, don't devalue another within your own awakening or revelation.
 As an advocate for the disabled, and civil-equal-access rights for all, every day I work to ensure the safety, liberty and independence of an often forgotten population. @EDCSPIN we have spoken, written and marched for 20 years in an unaware and un-televised manner.
 So whether your black or white; educated or uneducated; wealthy or thriving; or even young, old or retired, I challenge you to find your voice, appreciate the voices of others and do something.
 My intention is to create avenues that lead to Positions of Policy Influence and Authoritative Posture. So if I March with you or not - please know that I stand with you.

I Support You and Look Forward to Our collective action.