There are moments in life that come with the most surprisingly revelation and liberation.  Moments that change us in ways that can't be explained or shared fully.  I experienced one of these moments within The Peace of India.

I recently had the opportunity to visit India with Tony Robbins and his platinum a partners.  Tony and 160 people ventured into Chennai and Varanasi India on a journey of self healing, forgiveness, awareness and perspective.  In planning for this trip, I was unaware of a schedule, agenda, or activity.  It was the very first time I was not in some sort of control; and it felt absolutely unnerving. 

However, once the journey begin I became appreciative of my lack of structure.  What is not readily obvious is that I live, operate and thrive in a place of order.  This place allows levels of certainty in my daily life. Through prayer, meditation, teaching and sharing, India revealed my fears, anger, disappointments, defeats, challenges, love, celebration, accomplishments, opportunities and every emotion possible coupled with all the possibility life is offering. See this experience, and everyone sense, has allowed me to accept the past (favorable and unfavorable), settled in my present and expect an abundance in my future. I became at Peace with Charles.

Yes, I know - I and most of us present a fully composed person which can be and often is exhausting.  India offered and allowed be to accept every vulnerability, in a safe and welcoming place (Thanks Tony and the TR Team) and move through to a place of solitude.

These days with my fellow travelers were Everybody Paddles Moments. #EPMoments are time when people, place and things are in sync, aligned and cohesive. I participate, find, observe and create these energies because I believe this is how we should go about life.

All of the Everybody Paddles Moments with TR and The Plats have forever changed me.  I feel awaken and available for the greatness of life.  And as I journeyed back to the United States, I wished that same awakening for all my family, friends, staff, extended families, colleagues, paddlers and all those who I am/will be connected. 

Go find your own Peace in India and create Everybody Paddle Moments.