What is your FOCUS?

 Happy New Year! 

The following are recent comments and questions I have been said to me which my response was Focus.

You are not the same person I use to know.
Why did you stop working here?
Who are you seeing now?
Why aren’t you married? have kids?
You work too much. Take a break.
Why aren’t you and this person/that person friends anymore?
Do you ever not wear a suit?
Why did you start The Everybody Paddles Movement?
So what you wrote a book.
You are no different from the rest of us.

Well, I must say these are just a few of those comments that over the last 14 days (yes, all this year) that have come my way. Happy New Year! And with each and every one of these “doubters, non-believers, nay-sayers and spirit-breakers” comments, I became more Focus.

I became focus on that my past does not dictate my future; that bad company corrupts good morals; that if at the end of the year I have not progress do something different; that as with the seasons people and relationships change; that my truth and journey is not like everybody else’s; that my clothing is a statement of my focus; that my legacy is beyond my street, block, neighborhood or city; that people will attempt to prevent the possibility in others; and that everybody matters for everything.

Therefore, I remain focus. Focus on inspiring, encouraging, uplifting, motivating and empowering people. Most importantly, that my activities will speak louder than my voice. So watch My Focus.

What is your Focus?