The Poor, Disadvantage and the Have-Nots

The Fear of the Poor

Over dinner with colleagues, a discussion developed around discrimination of people with disabilities.  Through a lively conversation, I realized that even after the racism against Blacks, the inequality of Women, and the lack of acknowledgement of the Marriage Debate – there remains the stigma of being Disabled.

In the middle of the discussion, I said “This is the Fear of the Poor, Disadvantage and the Have-Nots.”  

Society frowns on not just those who are different but on those who some deemed irrelevant, uneducated and without economic position and stature.  This is applicable primarily to individuals who are in need of programs, services and supports.  It appears society thinks the following:
What will they Say?
What will the Do?
How will they Act?
Who will take Care of Them?
Situationally, these societal thoughts and beliefs are of Medicaid recipients inclusive of The Poor, Disadvantage and the Have-Nots.

Do you thinks it’s a Fear or Something Else?