Sell BIG or Die FAST

Only time will tell!

I read the NYT Business Day article (August 24th) entitled “Sell Big or Die Fast.” This was an article about tech companies who cut losses on devices and products that do not move on the shelves. These tech companies give phones, tablets, computers and other gadgets a limited time on the market.

With that being said, do we within our professional and personal lives give people time to sell themselves or die fast. Either a new hire, seasoned employee, relative or life-long friend – Do we write or dismiss people with limited market time?

Last night, the world learned that Steve Jobs of Apple has resigned. Yet, Jobs will be missed and everyone understands/appreciates his decision. It makes me wonder will Tim Cook, Jobs replacement, will he have limited time on the market. Only time will tell!

Thoughts on “Sell BIG or Die FAST.”