Death as a Change Agent

New Innovation

As the world recognized Steve Jobs, his contributions and impact, I can not help but focus on his passion, drive and tenacity to overcome the challenges of his beginning (adoption, foster parents, education and employment). So when I heard about his spiritual and zen beliefs I realized how he developed his inner peace, strength and focus.

A few years ago, Jobs gave a commencement address where he talked about Death creating a path was to New Innovation. Death would be a Change Agent to Creativity, Development and Innovation. This was a self-made man who reached a pinnacle of success by changing how we communicate in all areas of our lives (inclusive of how we are entertained at the movies). Despite understanding his societal contribution, Jobs believed that others were equally capable of impact beyond a single individual. Yes, Apple will be fine because Jobs knew that eventually the inevitable would happen and he believed in “his people’s ability.”

Death as a Change Agent is applicable in many areas of the living. It could be the Death of a Company; Death of an Idea; Death of a Relationship; Death of an Attitude; or even Death of __________ (you decide). The end of something and the beginning of something else. We know that death is the one thing we have in common; therefore, today we have the opportunity to be our own change agent.

Let’s Change how we Exist through the Death of Agent Steve Jobs.

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