Advocacy as a Solution


I am a AAIDD Research Delegate on Disabilities in Cuba. Yes, I said Cuba.

This is an exciting opportunity but the research will have the most personal impact.  I, along with 21 other Disability Advocates, are participating in the “Intellectual and Developmental Disorders Research Program.”   

My questions include……..
1. What involvement does parents and family, particularly siblings, in the service planning for their loved one?

2. How can I support the disabled, employees, organization and the field of disabilities through my experience in Cuba? 

3. What are the metrics used by the Cuban provider community to determine quality, compliance and accountability?

4. Are there cultural implications to supporting people with disabilities and their families?

Through Advocacy, I seek Solutions on supporting the Disabled. Even though this is an international delegation, and the USA and Cuba relations are non-existing, there are solutions to supporting the disabled that I intend on learning and applying at my organization.

Stay Tuned, AA