A Time to Celebration

A memorable opportunity and experience!

The 57th Presidential Inauguration was a tremendous experience filled with a patriotic energy that unless you are present its unexplainable. From attending the Swearing In Ceremony, to White House Viewing Station to even the Inaugural Ball, I (along with thousands of others) I observed the importance of celebrating The 44th President Barack Obama. A memorable opportunity and experience!

However, there was a moment that stood out to be as I rode Amtrak back to New York. Did President Obama have time to celebrate?

As the President and The First Lady, Michelle Obama, walked directly in front of me (and the iPhone I held to catch the moment) I could not help but to think that in, between, around and during the events of the day what domestic and international issues which were relevant on Sunday was he still dealing with on Monday? Here is a list of those I considered: (1) debt-ceiling/fiscal cliff; (2) Benghazi; (3) cabinet appointments; (4) gun reform; (5) social justice issues; (6) entitlement security/stability; (7) next phase of military withdrawal from Afghanistan; and (8) even the Senate hearings of the Secretary of State. So I struggled with the thoughts of the need to celebrate and the role/responsibility of the Presidential office.

To some degree, the Presidential Oath does not allow A Time to Celebrate.

What do you think celebrate or celebrate while you work?