Volume 3 – Issue 1,

Starting the New Year Right

For many people, January is a time to pursue resolutions they have set for the new year.

I prefer to think of it as a time to refresh, rejuvenate, reflect, refocus, and rededicate ourselves to using our time well.

To refresh, I think it’s only appropriate that we start the new year with the first day off. If we were respectful of the opportunity before us, we should have worked hard through the conclusion of the prior year and so a day off allows us to refresh ourselves and consider the year ahead.

Through proper diet, exercise, and yes, even some time to play, we can give ourselves a chance to rejuvenate ourselves and bring a fresh energy to the New Year’s challenges.

It’s also a great time to reflect on what we did well the year before and refocus our energies on our goals going forward. It is one thing to have everybody paddling together; it is quite another to make sure we are focused on our goal.

Our time is unfortunately a diminishing asset. If we treat it with respect though, we’ll have nothing to regret when this year also comes to a close.

Happy New Year!

Charles A. Archer