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 Everybody Paddles and The 4 Lenses of Innovation

Everybody Paddles

Charles Archer (Greenleaf Book Group Press, $22.95)

Before you can begin paddling, you have to get people into the boat. Author Charles Archer begins that process by posing two questions: “What separates us?” and “What brings us together?”

We’re all different, but there’s a common thread: No one succeeds alone.

A results-focused captain puts employees in places where their strengths complement those of co-workers. When employees recognize that the crew’s resources are organized and tasks are well-defined, trust in leadership follows.

Sharing the vision and obtaining employee input gets people into the boat, too.

The captain must always operate in three modes — messaging, listening and linking. The job requires transparency. And given that the captain’s tasks include monitoring progress and removing obstacles, communication is essential.

Recognition keeps employees paddling, too. If a captain provides it on a regular basis, the paddlers know the captain values their contributions.

The 4 Lenses of Innovation

Rowan Gibson (John Wiley & Sons, $35)

Innovators are the world’s noticers, and they ask lots of questions. The answers are found when filtered through four lenses:

Challenging orthodoxies: Too often we hear “that’s the way things are done around here.” Only change gets people thinking.

Harnessing trends: Two questions to constantly ask: “What will be the tsunami in our industry?” and “How can we make sure we ride the wave instead of being washed away by it?

Leveraging resources: Gibson redefines the 3 R’s as repurpose, redeploy and recombine, and he recommends developing an elastic view of your company. Its most valuable assets are what it knows and what it owns.

Understanding needs: In these days of big data and analytics, companies ask customers lots of questions. Innovators ask about “unsolved problems, unmet needs and wants.”

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 There are countless stories of individuals who succeed through perseverance, hard work, and positive attitude. Impact, influence and success follow creating, providing and presenting something the world needs, desires or should know about.

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur or operator, company success is achieved in productive environments where Everybody Matters. When dealing with unifying the team, effective communication or problem solving, we must not forget to taking care of ourselves. There is a price to leadership and it is that leadership is about everybody else. For that reason, leaders must find work – life balance.  

                                                                                                    The following are ways that not only provide career separation  but ways                                                                                               for every business owner, operate and entrepreneur  to relax, revive and rejuvenate:

1. Always sync your gadget.

I always do this prior to leaving the office. Technology is a great tool as it helps keep order and highlights important dates and maintains order. It keeps appointments and alerts of appointments (both personally and professionally).

2. Be clear about what is a priority.

Intrinsically, one knows if its personal or professional accomplishments are driving daily behavior. Once that’s known and accepted, a person can better live their objectives, guidelines can be set, and efforts appropriately placed.

3. Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

If procrastination occurs in any area, it mitigates and infringes upon the other.

4. Structure your time, even time to relax, rejuvenate and refocus.

Know that a day and time of the week will be, “me time.” Each day can have its own accomplishment.

5. Say No.

This is both applicable in personal and business life. Sometimes, your non-business time can also be stressful if you let others dictate how that is spent.

6. Delegate in all areas of your life.

Whether errands or projects, you must know how to concert with others, funnel duties and get things done.

7. Take a Vacation or Staycation.

Disconnect from it all either for a half-day, full day or several days.

8. Eat Healthy, Exercise Often and Sleep Well.

Our bodies need to be treated with the same care and attention we give our personal and professional lives.

Our time is unfortunately a diminishing asset. Leaders must be keenly aware that if we do not treat time with respect our business along with ourselves will suffer. Find your work – life balance by any means necessary.

by Charles A. Archer,  co-founder and CEO of Evelyn Douglin Center for Serving People In Need, Inc.


Interview with Barry Moltz

Episode 310 of Business Insanity Talk Radio features a very special guest. Mr. John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and Pepsi, is on the show to share advice for small business owners, including his lessons learned from a very successful career. Next, the small biz lady shares how to transition from a job to becoming your own boss. With Charles Archer we talk about how to get a team working together. Finally, we tell you about the solution to buying something and then seeing it for less somewhere else.

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Here and Now on Jan. 25th, 2015: Part 3


A weekly one hour program, airing on Channel 7, that's dedicated to covering the issues and interests of the African-American community in the New York tri-state area. 

Charles A. Archer our founder is fostering teamwork and camaraderie in the office. The management expert behind the new book: "Everybody Paddles: A Leader's Blue Print for Creating a Unified Team."

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Proceeds from all tee sales with go to the Eric Garner family.


 I have thought a lot this week about the televised and un-televised injustices of society. I have been moved by all the voices, marchers, advocates and liberators. Thank You All!
 That said, I have equally been frustrated with those who point fingers when people have not taken action according to their standard. We must all take action; however, don't devalue another within your own awakening or revelation.
 As an advocate for the disabled, and civil-equal-access rights for all, every day I work to ensure the safety, liberty and independence of an often forgotten population. @EDCSPIN we have spoken, written and marched for 20 years in an unaware and un-televised manner.
 So whether your black or white; educated or uneducated; wealthy or thriving; or even young, old or retired, I challenge you to find your voice, appreciate the voices of others and do something.
 My intention is to create avenues that lead to Positions of Policy Influence and Authoritative Posture. So if I March with you or not - please know that I stand with you.

I Support You and Look Forward to Our collective action.



There are moments in life that come with the most surprisingly revelation and liberation.  Moments that change us in ways that can't be explained or shared fully.  I experienced one of these moments within The Peace of India.

I recently had the opportunity to visit India with Tony Robbins and his platinum a partners.  Tony and 160 people ventured into Chennai and Varanasi India on a journey of self healing, forgiveness, awareness and perspective.  In planning for this trip, I was unaware of a schedule, agenda, or activity.  It was the very first time I was not in some sort of control; and it felt absolutely unnerving. 

However, once the journey begin I became appreciative of my lack of structure.  What is not readily obvious is that I live, operate and thrive in a place of order.  This place allows levels of certainty in my daily life. Through prayer, meditation, teaching and sharing, India revealed my fears, anger, disappointments, defeats, challenges, love, celebration, accomplishments, opportunities and every emotion possible coupled with all the possibility life is offering. See this experience, and everyone sense, has allowed me to accept the past (favorable and unfavorable), settled in my present and expect an abundance in my future. I became at Peace with Charles.

Yes, I know - I and most of us present a fully composed person which can be and often is exhausting.  India offered and allowed be to accept every vulnerability, in a safe and welcoming place (Thanks Tony and the TR Team) and move through to a place of solitude.

These days with my fellow travelers were Everybody Paddles Moments. #EPMoments are time when people, place and things are in sync, aligned and cohesive. I participate, find, observe and create these energies because I believe this is how we should go about life.

All of the Everybody Paddles Moments with TR and The Plats have forever changed me.  I feel awaken and available for the greatness of life.  And as I journeyed back to the United States, I wished that same awakening for all my family, friends, staff, extended families, colleagues, paddlers and all those who I am/will be connected. 

Go find your own Peace in India and create Everybody Paddle Moments. 



 Renewed Focus or Renewed Effort

After a long, hard winter, spring is finally here. As the weather turns and nature reveals its beauty once again, it is no wonder that everywhere we turn we hear someone talking about spring as a season of renewal.

Such conversations often turn to topics of renewed focus or renewed effort on our parts.

Woody Allen once famously said that “80% of success in life is just showing up.” That may indeed be true. But what I think is also true is that success more often than not depends on not quitting.

Of course it is important to set a worthy goal, then to take action in pursuit of that goal by showing up and working hard, but persistence and perseverance should never be underestimated.

So whether we want to talk about this season as one of renewal or a season of persistence and perseverance, I think we will all be well served if we keep our eyes on the goal, work hard and work together, and don’t quit until we have achieved our goals



Volume 3 – Issue 3

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to the students of Baruch College Ethics and Etiquette Society about finding opportunities when challenges present themselves. My advice to these inspiring students was to change your perspectives of how you view challenges. Each challenge is an opportunity in the waiting.

In our discussion and exchanges, it became apparent that the following advice is applicable not just to students but to everybody as we go through life. When faced with challenges try the following:

Don’t be Afraid to Fail
With each failure or prolonged success, you will learn something about yourself and the next opportunity. From Presidents to Ambassadors to Inventors failures are a part of the development process and teach us the most valuable lessons. Welcome a Failure!

Who are the Members of your Power Circle?
A few years ago, T-Mobile commercialized having a “Fav Five” of People who had priority in your life. Your power circle must have the same type of prioritization. Surround yourself with people who inspire, empower and encourage you. Choose Wisely!

Twenty Feet Away
In the Oscar-winning documentary, Twenty Feet from Stardom, we learned about extremely talented and unheard of background singers who were so close to center stage but throughout their experiences became discourage, uninspired, impatient amongst other feelings. These are the feelings that prevent us from hanging in there and continue the course towards success. Stay the Course you are So Close!

Hard Work Works
Those of you who are in careers and occasionally ask yourself, am I doing everything possible to succeed? If you think you can achieve more by working harder, why not work harder? The same is true for those of you still looking for jobs. Looking for a job is a job. If you are not looking for a job eight hours a day, you’re not looking hard enough. The harder people have worked the luckier they have become. Work Differently!

Our perspective determines our actions so decide to view each challenge as an untapped opportunity. There is someone depending on you – You!

Charles A. Archer
Founder and CEO